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Praise for Anne, The Accountability Coach

Here is what a few coaching clients have to say about their experience.

Don VanLandingham, CPA/PFS, Guardian Wealth Management

“Anne Bachrach has worked with me as my "Life Coach" since September 2005.  During this time I have accomplished more in every area of my life, and I attribute that to Anne's coaching. I originally signed on with Anne to help me get more focused on my business, and yes she has helped me do that. But the biggest value I have gotten from her is in my quality-of-life. My marriage is better, my physical health is better, I am more focused on the spiritual aspects of my life, my relationships with my children and friends are better, and I am just having more fun than ever before!

I highly recommend Anne for her coaching, but beware, you better be serious and ready to make changes. She doesn't fool around!”

Mark McKenna Little, The Freedom Experience

“There are not many people I can point to that I credit my success and financial independence to, but Anne you are one. Based upon my experience and success through the accountability coaching I received from you, every major goal in my life has come to pass. From building up a multi-million dollar business to losing 140 pounds of excess weight, your "no-nonsense encouragement" was the key to maintaining my momentum, even (especially) during times of discouragement.


You told me what I needed to hear, not just what I wanted to hear, and encouraged me to change goals when it was clear I wasn't willing to make the effort required of a goal. In the end, the "secret ingredient" of success, for me, was accountability. Why it is that I don't always do the things I know I need to do to succeed is irrelevant, the key was finding someone like you, Anne, who didn't care about my excuses. You cared only for me and were the advocate for the goals I said I wanted. How can I ever thank you?"

 Randy Davis, The Strategic Millionaire

 “Thank you for making such a profound impact on my personal and business life in such a short period of time. I have invested in other coaching programs that were valuable, but none of them generated the results and ROI as fast as you have. You are amazing!

Since April 2008 when we started working together (only 5 months) not only has my health improved but you also have significantly impacted my business, and brought balance to my life.  For example, from just one of your suggestions, I have already earned $60,000 from a client that previously would have paid me $5,000.  A strategic alliance partner that I approached as a result of one of our coaching sessions conservatively will generate over $1,000,000 during the next 18 months.

Without reservation, I recommend your coaching services and learning resources.  For any high-achiever who wants to reach to the next level…they’re thinking too small!”

Hank Kochan, Kochan Financial Group

“Since October 2002, when I started working with Anne as my coach and mentor, my business revenue has increased at least 21% every year, while keeping my expenses low.  I am working less than 20 hours per week and my personal and business life is a lot more fun now. I love every aspect of my life. Having all the financial independence and free time I have now, has given me a quality of life that is beyond what words can express.  As one of my clients just said to me,"I am definitely walking my talk". Thank you Anne for being there to help me stay focused and on track to what I needed to do so I could have this great life.  It has been a great experience and I look forward to continuing to work with you for years to come.”

Mona Santos, First Command Financial Services

“I began working with Anne as my strategic coach in January of 2007; in that time she has helped me change not only my business, but my life.  With Anne's help, no excuses attitude and amazing ability to see through the fog of my own distractions, I have not only achieved one of the goals I was most afraid to set, but actually exceeded it. My personal life has flourished because my professional life has structure and boundaries.  Anne has helped me discover through objective questioning and a judgment free attitude what I really want out of my life.  She has become a cheerleader, a sounding board and an inspiring coach.  One of my biggest fears is that some day she'll kick me out of the nest and tell me I can go it alone.”


Leslie Moyer, PDR, Inc.

“I hired Anne as my coach to help me develop and execute a plan which would give me financial freedom and create a rewarding everyday life. Her process has completely restructured the way I focus my attention so I can achieve my goals. I am amazed how her coaching has streamlined my plan in only a few months.  She has a unique gift to help others achieve their highest potential.  I would recommend her to everyone!”


Cynthia Heil, CFP®, Cascade Financial Management, Inc.

“I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to Anne.  When I was originally seeking someone to hold me accountable, I had thought it would be for my business goals; however, when I received the starting package from Anne I realized we would be focusing on all areas of my life—what a nice surprise!  I have learned so much in the last 4 months while working with Anne.  She has challenged me to look at things in a different way, and to work to find true balance.  I have never felt so in control of my life and where I am going as I do right now!  I am learning to “honor my calendar” and prioritize those things that are most important to me and where I want to be in life.  I own my business and am a single Mom, and occasionally when things get crazy, I feel overwhelmed, or out of balance…Anne has helped tremendously in that regard.   I am continually having “aha” moments when we talk and consider this to be a true work in progress.  Anne has had an amazing impact on my life in such a short period of time. I am looking forward to 2008 with great excitement and confidence!”


Christopher Morris, CMA Financial Services, InterSecurities, Inc.

“Anne’s no-nonsense coaching has been invaluable to me over the past 10 months.  She has helped me formalize my goals through professionally written projected financial statements for 10 years into the future.  She has kept me laser focused on the tasks that have the highest probability of pay off in the shortest amount of time. I have added 24 clients this past year and am already on track to do more than that next year. During many periods of office turmoil, I was able to stay on task, not work exorbitant overtime and still add 2 clients a month.  We are starting our new year out with over $100k more a year in revenue than we had the prior year, thanks to Anne.  She even has my wife helping me with my health as being fit and healthy is also a very important goal of mine.”

Peter Catalano, Peter Catalano Wealth Management

“You provide value for my complete life.  I also have a feeling that you are concerned about me and my accomplishments.  After each call, I am left feeling cared for.”  


David J. Stone, CFP®, Personal Financial Advisors, Inc.

“I hired Anne to be my accountability coach because no matter how badly I want to be even more successful and achieve my goals, I haven’t been able to do it on my own.  For some reason I resist what I need to do in order to accomplish my goals. Anne has been instrumental in helping me identify the activities required for me to be successful and help me stay focused and on track do actually doing what I need to do.  She helped me create an effective tracking method so I know exactly where I am at against my goals at any given moment in time.  This allows me to course correct much quicker, if necessary. Anne is very direct, honest, and does not accept any excuses for not honoring my commitments. She is and will continue to be a key component in my life if I am going to get to where I want to truly be in my personal and professional life.” 


Gary R. Moore, Merrill Lynch

“As an already successful business person, I hired Anne to help me realize my true potential and create even more balance in my life. She helps me identify, track, and stay focused on the activities required for me to reach all my goals. She helps me think outside the box and be open to new ideas that can help accelerate my results. Her process is very methodical and simple so it is easy to implement. I have gained more clarity on what is truly important to me in my life and am on the path of achieving all that I want out of life.  I enjoy working with Anne because she is caring, thoughtful, tenacious, and fun.”


Daniel Cantarovici, Cascade Financial Management, Inc.

“Because I needed to break out of old bad habits and leave my comfort zone to achieve things that I really wanted, I hired Anne.  I am now much more conscious of how my social life, love life, and physical life integrates with my business and everything else. I am better able to give up total control and delegate tasks that I used to want to control to my assistant so I can focus on bigger picture and do those things that only I can do. Anne provides a different perspective on how I do business which really gets me to think.  She is no-nonsense, in your face, doesn't take any crap, and yet is excited about me achieving your goals.  You had better do what you say you need to do or she will call you on it.  I can describe Anne in two words: tough love.”


Craig Stearns, CFP, Lenox Advisors

“Accountability coaching, for me, is about making sure I prioritize activities that have the highest impact on achieving personal and professional goals that fulfill that vision.  Anne just has a way about her.  She helps me stop wasting time or procrastinating during my day on non-productive stuff!  We spend time reviewing all my goals, putting them on paper, and then dissect them down to the actions I need to take today, this week, this month, this quarter, in order to make headway.

The increase in the amount I am now delegating versus before working with Anne, has had significant impact on my work day.  Reducing the stream of consciousness activities, and doing things more "on-purpose" as led to an overall increase in my sense of calm throughout my life. Her requirement that I explore what I want my life to look like in every area, helped a great deal in motivating me toward the accomplishment of my goals!  I have seen the growth in my commitment to so many things in my life!”

Dave Shepherd, Retirement Financial Services, Inc.

“Being coached by you was the best coaching experience I have ever had.  I definitely got more than my moneys worth.  You made me do what I needed and wanted to do but wasn’t doing.  My excuses didn’t matter if I really wanted to implement ideas and systems that I believed would have a positive impact on my business and ultimately my life.  Thank you for being tough, firm, candid, and caring.  Others should experience the valuable coaching you provide.”


Franco Lombardo, Great Pacific Management Co. Ltd.

“I didn’t nickname you the Accountability Pitbull for nothing.  The #1 benefit of your coaching to me is that if I don’t implement something right away, it won’t get done.  I need someone to push me to implement ideas that will help me be even more successful and you certainly did just that.  Thank you for all your help in getting me to do the things I need and want to do.  Without an accountability pitbull they may never get done.”


Robert T. Haller, Haller & Haller Financial Services, Inc.

“The time you spend coaching me and holding me accountable was extremely positive.  With your help I hit all the goals we set.  I had more confidence that I have ever had because I had a specific game plan that I had to follow.  As a result of being more focused, I found money that I didn’t know my clients had, received a significantly larger amount of money as a result of prospects doing business with me and I received quality referrals which led to even more business.  With your help, I know I can do anything.”


Kit Arbo, Financial Brokerage Services Inc.

“One of the keys for me to be successful is to make a commitment and then be held accountable for it.  Last year I committed to doing some things that would make a difference in my life, but I needed someone to help me follow through and actually do them; the person who motivated me the most was you.  I could tell you wanted me to succeed because you didn’t let me get away with any excuses.  As a result of holding me accountable, I was more focused than usual, which enabled me to maximize the results of meetings with clients and prospects.”


Sherman Richard Found, Financial Concept Group

“As a result of you holding me accountable, you made a major impact on the way I think.  I wouldn’t be where I am in my business today without the extra focus you gave me.  You helped motivate me which gave me additional confidence to reach and exceed my goals.  Everyone who wants to reach their next level, personally and professionally, needs a coach – you. Thank you.”


“Aim For What You Want, Each and Every Day”

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