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Goal Achievement Learning Tools and Resources

Do you want to be even more successful? Would you like to have more work/life balance? You've come to the right place! Here are content-oriented personal and professional development learning tools and resources to help you achieve all your goals so you can enjoy a balanced life and fulfill what is truly important to you. Choose to invest in the tools that will best help you make more money and work less so you can experience a balanced and successful life.

The Accountability Coach(tm)

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Resources Available at

Resource Item / Description                                 Amount Each

- Excuses Don’t Count; Results Rule! paperback             24.95 USD

- Excuses Don’t Count; Results Rule! e-book                   14.95

- Excuses Don’t Count; Results Rule! MP3 audio              27

- Excuses Don’t Count; Results Rule! combo of e-book and book on audio (MP3)

     – The Best Value!                                                    30

- Work Life Balance Emergency Kit (34-lesson e-book)    497

- Roadmap To Success paperback book                           19.95

- Live Life with No Regrets paperback                              24.95

- Live Life with No Regrets e-book                                   19.95

- Live Life with No Regrets MP3 audio                              27.00

- Live Life with No Regrets combo of e-book and book on audio (MP3)

     – The Best Value!                                                    37

- No Excuses! Action Steps for Making More Money

     and Getting Better Results Now                               197

- 30-day On the Path To Success  program                    97


Audio Learning Programs Only 27 each (or bundle for a 20% discount)

1. Focus on Your Highest Payoff Activities and Achieve Your Goals & Learn Effective Calendaring for Extreme Efficiency to Manage Your Ideal Life

2. It’s All About Them Attitude and the Power of Telling the Truth

3. Optimize Effective and Efficient Behavior and Multi-task

4. How to Eliminate Time Wasters and Stop Settling for the No Longer Acceptables

5. How to Minimize Distractions and Improve Efficiency

6. Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding you Back? and Are your beliefs helping you or hurting you?   

7. Achieve Your Goals Sooner! & Persistence Pays Off

8. Creating Your Ideal Client Profile and learn the Slots and Replication Exercise

9. Become a Master of Change & Strategic Thinking Model & Pros vs Cons

10. Do Something Scary & Uncomfortable, and Accelerate Learning and Achievement

11. The Art of Effective Delegation

12. Stop Procrastinating!



- Inspirational Quotes for a Balanced & Successful Life e-book     7

- Monthly One-on-One Accountability Coaching                        1500

- Accelerate Your Results Group Coaching Program                  299 per month


Go to to invest in the high-content business success programs that will help you achieve your goals for the reasons that are important to you.


Aim High,

Anne M. Bachrach

The Accountability Coach(tm)


Fax: 858-456-0158

Aim for what you want each and every day!

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